Main menu provide a little Bitcoin to give the insetive for people to search for you online in order to win the bitcoin reward.

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 Some examples on how to to use .


You saw a dress on a magazine or Instagram and you don't know where to buy it online. 
You can upload it as photo and ask bitfortip members to search it online for you in order to win the bitcoin reward.


Or let's say someone wants to get a specific smartphone and after his own online research, he has found it for $500.  He then offers a reward of 0.000139 BTC  ($0.05)  if someone can find it even cheaper, say $480. Then the person who finds it, is rewarded with 0.000139 BTC and the inquirer saves $20.


Or if you are unable to find an information on the internet on your own. You can post an inquiry along with a bitcoin reward for people to find you a certain link, image, item  e.t.c .

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